Journey to Happiness

Yoga has taken me on a journey of self discovery – looking into the mirror of my own soul, not only that but recognising that the most beautiful things in life are right here, right now, so why search for that something that may or may not bring you happiness…

Happiness actually isn’t that hard to find once you look into, and understand the deepest part of you.

I have recently been looking into the second and fourth Niyamas (observances) of which are Santosa (Contentment), which implies a state of happiness and fulfilment, in which we lack nothing and Svadyaya (Self Study) which is about deep self-reflection on what it means to be a “not so complex” human being. This is not so much about analysing yourself or trying to constantly figure out who you are. Rather it’s about exploring a deeper sense of self, than just accepting “who you have become” as a result of expectations and presumptions of your personality by others.

Discovering and exploring both of these Niyamas has allowed me to connect back to who I am, what life is about and the feeling of true happiness: Ultimately my true self, not the person who I had become due to the pressures and expectations of society or perhaps relying on material things or even people to bring happiness.

I find the combination of studying and contemplating quotes and spiritual texts that really resonate with me and meditative yoga practice, provides me with the essence of self discovery and tools I will take through life, and which I share with those who come to practice yoga. A couple of these are; “taking an internal focus ” meaning that only when you allow the mind to delve within, moving away from constant energy used on external factors, will you discover the true self and begin to really flourish, and “enjoy the journey”, if you allow yourself to immerse fully into the journey rather than always looking at the final destination, true happiness can really take place.

These tools can allow you to live content with who you are and live a meaningful and fulfilled life.